I love meeting new people. Maybe it’s because I understood loneliness from such a young age, I was often eager for the chance to meet new faces. We moved around a lot as a kid. My Kenyan parents immigrated to Oklahoma, where I was born. But if you asked me today, I’d say I’m from Illinois because those were the cornfields that shaped my coming of age.

My love for the arts was cultivated at home because my father wanted to raise cultured, intellectual women. I grew up in the world of ballet, musical theater, ice skating, a lot of books, a lot of international travel and even more imagination. I’ve always had an unwavering curiosity and an acute attention to detail with every discipline I’ve met, but fashion really stuck. I graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a B.F.A in Fashion Design and began my career as a patternmaker in New York City. I’ve been in the fashion industry for 10 years and for five of those years, I operated my own namesake label, OMONDI which closed in 2020.

In 2018, I launched The Cutting Room Floor Podcast out of my living room in Brooklyn. Originally, it was for me and my colleagues to discuss our industry in an honest way but I also felt fashion media needed a facelift. It had gone from print to desktop to mobile but I was still unsatisfied with the fashion interviews I came across. I craved intimacy, closeness and more context on who the people of this industry are beyond what they do. Today, I work primarily as a brand consultant; which spans across design, styling, casting, marketing strategies and beyond. Oh, and I do some writing on the side too.

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